GISS Security Different Services

Our Training Program

Training Program Of GISS Security Services

  • Training duration is of twenty one days
  • To ensure that our officers carry out their duties professionally, we first provide them with a basic training course
  • Next, this would be followed by on site training with one of our officer, which would be ongoing


Syllabus for security guards/supervisor/officers training

  • Concept of security
  • Gate control of security personnel/vehicle/material
  • Deployment of security personnel/prepare of duty roster
  • Gate pass
  • Physical fitness training
  • Maintenance of register/records etc
  • Reporting of incidence occurred to seniors
  • Discipline 
  • Alertness with on duty
  • Theft and pilferage
  • Proper turnout in uniform
  • Liaison with civil authority specially the local police station


Syllabus for fire fighting training

  • Definition of fire
  • Types of fire
  • Cause of fire
  • Fire fighting equipments/fire extinguishers maintenance
  • Inspection/monthly inspection
  • Duty of security personnel in case of fire
  • Fire orders/fire fighters/board- display
  • Preventive measure against all types of fire
  • To keep telephones no. of local fire brigade/police station/ambulance and hospital also maintain liaison
  • Fire report
  • Rescue operations

Our training schedules enable us to keep track on the prevalent developments and helps in implementation of modern techniques in terms of security and other aspects.